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Wedding Ceremony Stage

Here is a list of a few of our favorite Vendors!

Sinka's Couture Master Tailor

This is an incredible designer, Jevrosima Radulovic is a stylist and tailor as well! She will alter, fix, and redesign your entire dress so that it fits you perfectly. The seasoned vet has over 25 years of experience and is even available to come to the wedding to make adjustments, or prepare you for the big day! I do not know anyone better.

Call her or email them before she gets booked up!


Jose  Melgarejo Photography

This Photographer is amazing and  will stop at nothing to get the best pictures! Love them. NYC AND NJ photo team.

Rose Hip Floral Design

This team is hip. Could not have named them better! Downtown chic with a major splash of boho and a dash of classic. Amazing Florals!  This team does great things. Artsy and truly unique.

You will love them all! Tell them who sent you! 

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