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Bride and Groom in Nature

Do I need a trial? If you feel relaxed and at peace with booking you may not. If you crave the tryout. You can!  We have done many virtual trials and consultations where we plan everything out and are intentionally strategic. For many brides from overseas, this is the only option. For busy brides as well. 

Perhaps you want to focus your budget on your big day instead. Whatever you decide you will have the benefit of having a veteran along for the ride when you book with us.  If you do decide to book a trial be prepared to spend at least 2.5 hours together. We will talk and try out ideas. 

The good thing is we have done this before. You can expect help! With our experience, we can plan so that you get the best possible benefit for your investment.


We do trials during the week but can make exceptions in some situations. Trials take place on the weekday within the hour from 10 Am- 2 pm.

We have a special trial guide will send you if you decide to book with us, so you are ready to go! Want to talk about it over tea? Book a zoom below. Can hardly wait to meet you!


We have answers. Ask away! Schedule a call with us. 30 minutes via facetime or by phone. We can hardly wait to talk to you and hear about your wedding! To make the most of your call be sure to have images of any styles you like handy. We also love seeing your inspirational pieces like your dress and jewelry ideas. If you have not gotten those yet, no worries. Mostly you just need to be there! 

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