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Wedding Day Preparation

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Let's face it, a wedding day is a pretty big deal. I always get the should I get a facial question. While it is important to have great skin, you can start managing your glow up, right in the comfort of your home.

Start drinking water, more than usual. Water allows the skin to plump from the inside out. You want to look as fresh as possible, and that starts from the inside.

I am not a dietician. I am however devoted to making my clients feel amazing. So let me give you a valuable tip! Avoid sugar. Sugar is the main cause of puffiness. If you want to look smooth, avoid it.

Sleep on satin to help the skin stay healthy and soft. Silk works just as well. These amazing materials help to retain moisture. You want that!

Speaking of sleep, prioritize it. I know wedding and event planning can be stressful, but 8 hours of sleep helps with recovery so that you look your best.

Get every ounce of your makeup off at night. I sleep with makeup wipes, right next to my bed. If I am too tired, I wipe. Eventually, I get up and cleanse, but this is a good way to make sure my skin stays bright. Makeup left overnight kills sensitive skin and clogs pores!

Use a hydrating sheet mask at home a few times a week. Seek aloe, vitamin E, and other soothing, yet gentle formulations.

Hands off! Keeps your fingers off your face. Your hands can ruin your hard work and leave you with a visitor, while a good concealer can fix it, why risk it? That goes for your greasy cell phone too. Clean it with a baby wipe every once in a while.

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Feel free to email me with any specific questions

Cheers to a flawless day!

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