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Wedding Beauty Forecast 2018

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Hey, Beauties!

It has been quite a week. Fashion week takeover, to say the least. I have been scouring the runways, talking to lots of artists, designers, and beauty professionals alike. Why? I have been on the radar, looking to find out what is hot for wedding day beauty in 2018. Many brides have hair and makeup as a top-of-the-list priority and will be using an artist for engagement photos, bridal showers, and a whole lot more! The wedding. I personally love a classic look, but I am also really loving the way some of todays trends are being incorporated. SO.... without any more wait, here is my list of what is hot in the beauty forecast for 2018!

1. Lashes

Lashes and more of them. Long fluttery lashes are here and they are not going anywhere. Many brides are doing lash extensions. Lash extensions are a great choice if you are honeymooning right after and seek a long-term commitment to your chosen lash style. If you are looking for day-long wear, temporary lashes are a safe, natural option. Seek a professional and do your homework when choosing a lash artist, if you decide to go for either of these great options. You only get two eyes!

2. Braids

At fashion week all I did was braid, and it was great. Whether traditional or fishtail, there is something for all. There will be a lot of brides wearing braids and lots to choose from. Rough texture, sleek, and someplace in between braids are here to stay and more than ever in 2018.

3. Brow

Brows are important, whether your style is minimal or you like more of a pop, there is a brow that will match your bridal look. Don't be too tempted to pluck those precious hairs away. A full brow is where it is at.

4. Fresh Skin

Hello Water! While we are still seeing the highlighted cheek and contoured nose (thanks Instagram) there will be more fresh and natural looks moving forward. Clean, with a bit of dewiness. Softly powdered and less over the top than in past years is coming into fashion. Less is certainly more when it comes to the skin your in!

There are lots of trends, but I think these looks are timeless. They are my top picks!

Have fun, in style!

In celebration of 2018 weddings, I am doing a 20% off rate for wedding bookings (trials excluded) until October 1st, 2017. Mention code: FORECAST2018 upon booking.

Love and Light,

JoAnn Solomon

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