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Bridal Hair and Makeup Costs How Much?

Updated: Mar 9

Brides are researching all the time. The planning of a wedding comes with some required fees. While getting hair and makeup would naturally seem to be at the top of the list, for many it is not. Getting glamorous may seem like the last thing you would need to worry about, but it is really one of the first that a bride should focus on. Hair and makeup set the bride apart from all of the others at her wedding party. The right hair and makeup styling should relate to the overall look of the dress and add details that personalize the overall aesthetic. The rate of a makeup and hair person will depend on experience. A newer makeup artist may seek a smaller amount in the exchange for images. There is some small risk involved as this could potentially be a trial and error phase, in which case a trial would be highly recommended in addition to having the artists come extra early for the day of. Just in case. A senior-level artist with experience will be in higher demand and have higher rates, this sort of artist may do celebrities and higher-scale events. So one is 150 and the other is upwards 400, 500 and yes thousands of dollars. The question is why?

Rarely have I ever witnessed higher caliber artists who will risk the potential of an unhappy client by being late, or rude. Additionally, each meeting would seem like more of an experience. You should feel like none of the work is on you. Speaking of you. Doing your own makeup could be a disaster. All the youtube videos in the world will not give you nerves of steel! Doing your own makeup is a lot of pressure, not to mention needing beauty that not only looks amazing for three hours but can stand up to the vigorous day at hand. Anyway back to why you would pay a bit more for a higher-quality

1. A schedule. Whether your artist shows up with a printout, has it on the phone or you email it, a great artist is also a creative director who will perfectly create a schedule to get you in and out on time, all while you look your best. This is key. It will save time and energy in the long run. Do not change it.

2. Communication. Your artist will make time to speak with you, email you and consult you. Pretty much whenever you need. 20-150 emails are no small amount. The back-end time must be accounted for.

3. Traveling to and from your destination. Some artists may charge additional for this, depending on where you are. They may be carrying a suitcase and lighting, as well as additional equipment.

4. Professional products. This should maybe be first on this list. Never underestimate the power of good, quality products. A makeup kit full of drugstore makeup will not keep up with your day. A mascara? Sure, but everything? Be mindful of poor-quality ingredients ruining your pretty for the big day! A last-minute makeup from too much lanolin oil, mineral oil, can spoil everything.

A well-trained, equipped, and competent artist will have an updated kit with the latest products. Everything in this kit will also be clean. Sanitation is a very key factor in your health. You are worth it!

5. Professional Business Contract

Sadly I have seen some amazing brides become disappointed from not having arranged a proper contract. The contract is your protection against so many factors, including the artist being liable to show up! A contract does come with tricky language that most artists pay lawyers for and it is a part of your cost.

6. Combined Costs

Your artist may charge an additional fee for toting hair and makeup items , as well as additional service fee. The benefit of this sort of artist is you don't have to keep track of two people and ultimately it is time effective.

7. The artist's Time

This should go without saying, but for the time allotted your artist passed up on something else. Time should be paid for and the fact is, 99% of the time, you get what you paid for.

All in all, I have witnessed no-shows, I have had to do trials for clients who wanted to save, had a trial with a cheap artist or app, and only regretted it later when the trial did not work out. Only to pay double. Seems like a high price? Well, your wedding will cost way more. Plus, who wants to be stuck with wedding day images that are not reflective of who they are? These are just a few of the costs professionals take on to be there for you!

A bit of advice? Take your time. Seek out a solid artist that leaves a good impression and has great REVIEWS. If paying so much seems hard for you, ask about a payment plan! I offer payment plans and love the flexibility they offer. A large group may even be discounted, but you never know until you ask. Seek day rate options and have the artist stay along. Instead of individual rates. The possibilities are endless.

Good luck on your wedding day, and feel free to reach out with questions if you are planning. Book early to get the best!

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