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How to prepare for your wedding hair & makeup trial?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Hair and makeup trials can be downright scary! Some person you never met before, preparing you for one of the most intense days of your life. The good news is if you have done your research you have booked someone who is more than just a vendor. You the work that they do and you feel a genuine connection. Great! Good job. This is so important. It is not just someone you think is ok, you should hire. You need to feel great about it. Otherwise, back to the drawing board!

The first and most important thing is light. Choosing a place in your home that has near a window is a good idea. You also need an outlet nearby. Keep the space cool since there will be blow-drying and hot tools around!

Your hair should be clean and dry. Days-old hair is not great for everyone for an updo, it truly depends. Fine hair will look very thin and overloaded with grease. I am not sure who came up with the dirty hair works best hack, but a good stylist will know how to dirty the hair properly if it needs texture.

Exfoliate, dead skin on lips and face can make the makeup look less natural. Find a good one for your skin type and use it every other day. Or two days a week is a good amount. Look into enzymes, which naturally remove dead skin if you are sensitive.

Load up on water. Your skin needs h20 to be at its best.

Clear your phone's memory, so you have storage for lots of selfies.


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