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When should I do my hair and makeup wedding trial?

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Finding the right time to set up a hair and makeup trial can be so confusing for many brides!

How do you figure out when is the best time? I have had many brides skip a trial all together. Many of my brides come from overseas and do not have the convenience of a trial. We usually set up a time to do skype, so we can get to know each other. We also email quite a bit to cement the time. Planning before hand is one of the most important factors ever for a wedding. In order for a nice smooth schedule we will need to talk about the look you want to achieve and if you are not sure, strategize on what would work for your esthetic.

If you have the benefit of being local you can plan your trial. You want to focus on getting one! Often times brides will be concerned about losing the date by the time the trial is booked. Any quality artist will hold your date. You should plan your trial one you have your dress. Your dress is the key element to your bridal look and will help to create the bridal style. The veil and hair accessories are helpful but not at all necessary. If you have no dress, allow more time.

Ideally day light is great for a trial so you can see the look in natural sun, clearly. Evening trials can work also, but are less ideal due to lack of natural light. if possible plan for your trial early in the season, in May it may be hard to secure your favorite hair or makeup person. A great idea is to ask for a weekday option if the artist is booked up on all weekends.

You should do your trial as soon as possible so you are not scurrying around at the last minute to find someone, if the trial is a fail. If the trial was not great, because you are uncertain about what you wanted, ask the artist to consider doing another trial.

The earliest you should book the trial is as early as 6 months. Beyond this time your style may change and it may be a waste to do it much earlier.

Happy Booking:)

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