The Essential Prep Guide for your Wedding Day 2018

One of the questions I get on a regular basis is; How can I prepare for my wedding day? You want to look fabulous and effortless right? Of course you do. Who better to assist then an artists that has worked with a bunch of A list celebs! Happy to help. Over the years working red carpets and doing special events I have definitely learned a few tricks of the trade. I would love to share a few with you!

Here we go!

My number one tip of advice would be to exfoliate you skin. The concept is more important then you know. Exfoliation speeds up the process of cellular turnover. In other words, if you want brand new pretty skin, for your wedding, you have got to get rid of the dead skin first. There is an exfoliant for all skin types, some of my favorites are made from natural ingredients such as sugar. Skin type will have much to do with which exfoliant works best for you. Fair and super sensitive types may hesitate on rubbing or tugging skin, which can cause redness or worst. But exfoliation can be helpful, if done correctly. Instead of harsh scrubs, try using a mild, gentle fruit enzyme, like pumpkin. This process will gently remove dead skin with out aggravation. You can also save big bucks on products by using a cotton cloth ( wash cloth ) Kim Kardashian swears by this. As good as exfoliation feels, hold back on over doing it. This can cause irritation. Instead opt for exfoliating 2 times or 3 times a week max. Think Gym day, i.e every other day.

Do not forget your lips. Lips need love to, especially for kissing your new hubby. Use a soft, tooth brush, after washing your face with warm water to remove any dead skin cells. Be gentle and take your time.

Pump up the vitamins. A natural diet filled with the best foods is always key to amazing beauty. Some of my favorite skin glow foods are; Tomatoes! Lycopene makes the skin glow. Lemons, on your salad as dressing, in your water. Sneak this vitamin boosting super fruit into it all. The vitamin C will boost and brighten. My red carpet solution is Carrot Juice. 5 days before the event. Fresh is best, but if you can only get the bottled stuff, go organic. Carrots are loaded with skin loving nutrients. Get some!

But how many of us, actually have time to be perfect. Vitamins are important to replace key diet vitamin and mineral essentials, that are lost in daily life, during all the hustle and bustle. While organic whole food is key, since no one is perfect. Vitamins can help. If you feel good about your general diet and you are getting loads of fruits and veggies, talk to your doctor about introducing a bit more biotin to speed up hair growth. Add fish, folic acid and vitamin C to make your skin shine, or one of my favorites fish oil, if the seafood market is always closed when you get home!

Plain and simple water. I enjoy using a hydrating water mist, directly onto the skin, I also highly recommend drinking it. If water is not your jam, fear not! I have the solution. I call it book ends. have a glass when you wake, preferably with lemon, to aid in settling the stomach upon waking, balancing and starting the day off right with vitamins. Have a glass before each meal. Feel free to google the incredible benefits of drinking water before eating. Lastly have a glass before bed.

If you know anything about me, you know I am obsessed with great skin. Great skin goddess Gabrielle Union is known to drink a gallon of this stuff a day. Truly, that is a luxury. Your boss may wonder, where is she? As you will be in the bathroom for sure, all day long. It will be worth the write up. Your skin will thank you. Side note: Avoid carbonation at all costs, it will cause bloating. So save the Perrier for brunch and keep it simple.

Start using a toner. Balance your skin and reduce the effects of hard water. I also love that it cleans residual. It is insurance, when you are just not sure, did my makeup all come off?

Everything will work better after this key step. You will get more out of your serum, moisturizer. Start toning today!

Sleep on silk. silk is a kind material to sleep on, it will not absorb the skincare you are wearing to bed ( if your wedding day is not the time to use eye cream and night cream, when is?) it will also

leave your hair with an amazing shine.

Mask on. Mask off. Hydrating masks, brightening masks. I am loving this mask life. Look for simple ingredients and avoid parabens. You do not want heavy chemical soaking into your skin.

I enjoy doing a mask a few times a week 2-3 seems to be the magic number. The benefits are too many to count, but bouncy skin with a slip equals glow up and that is what we are after.


I get asked about this all the time. I love lashes when they are done properly. They can look amazing, create a flawless look and last for the honey moon. This is not the time to risk it on the cheapest groupon special. Plan it out and try lashes months, not weeks prior, to see how you feel and whether you want the commitment. Treat them well and have them freshly redone for the wedding. When done well they can look like makeup! When you are wearing zero.

So not that we covered a few things you should do before the wedding, here are a few things you should not;

Avoid salt. Or be called Puff the magic dragon all night long, you call.

Salt causes inflammation and so does its friend, sugar. Resist. Give it a week, go cold turkey.

This includes alcohol. Your face will thank you.

You know that leave in oil, or heavy hair conditioner, that you love? Skip it.

Well actually if you do it as a pre shampoo treatment I love it. You can add Castor oil to your pony, not directly on scalp unless, you have coarse thick, dry hair. Wear the stuff all day. Add shampoo, rinse and condition as usual. Thank me later!

But, no heavy leave in oils. They can cause hair to look thin and stick together.

Hands off of your face. The bacteria can cause breakout. Clean your phone while your are at it. They can be filled with pore clogging dirt.

Do not stress. This one goes with out saying. Block out negative Nelly and focus on deep breathing. Peace, serenity and joy is beautiful.



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