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The Trial Cheat Code For Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The Trial Cheat Code For Your Wedding Day. We are all on a time line. The trial process is one of the most important steps in the process of the bride planning the entire wedding. Ideally, you will love the artist you work with. Together you will both create a master piece. But, what about the off chance, something is off? Here are a few basic tips to make sure that not only, do you nail your trial, you get new head shots out of it, ( you know with the amazing selfie you will take:). This list will assist you with trial prep, but is also a great tool for getting wedding ready!

Search images, pinterest is very popular! down load and save a few images that make you smile. Try to use images that have commonality, so the artist is not confused by what they see. In other words, seek styles that mirror each other in some way. Your over all look may be something in the middle. Be sure to look for a connection. Seek textures and colors similar to your own. Blonde highlights may look great on the model, just remember that if your hair is deep black, the look may be different for you!

Dismiss the dirty hair is better myth. For some this may be a great trick, but for many this trick can cause build up! Hair can look thin and greasy. Wash your hair! While on the subject wash with sulfate free shampoo! Avoid fillers and synthetic ingredients. Condition cool and detangle, address dead ends prior to the trial. Your hair will look great!Eat whole and delicious foods. Avoid sugar and limit alcohol consumption. Rest adequately. 8 hours. Carrot juice is a known red carpet secret to glow, try it! Exfoliate, do your due diligence in finding the right once for you.

Have at least 2-3 hours to sit. It is a Bridal Trial not a party. Bring a friend but not 5. You will only feel confused. Instead show images from your trial, later. The trial should be a time to feel out your artist. You have to feel a connection of trust, you are seeking more then just hair and makeup. You want the very best energy, on you best day! Beauty is so intuitive. With these easy tips, you are sure to have an amazing trial.

Happy Trial!!!

Bride Trial Went Great
Beautiful Bride on Her Wedding Day

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