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Hair Extensions: Do I need them on My Wedding day?

In short, the answer is yes. Why you ask? Your hair may be full and look healthy. But on camera, your hair may need a bit of additional fullness, especially if you are wearing it down.

In regards to hair types, it depends on your desired look goal. I will tell you that if your hair does not do well with holding a curl, extensions will save you! The best hair your money can buy? Check Bellami. On a budget try Amazon! But remember hair is usually not returnable. Once you get your hair, wash it. You have no idea where it was stored and it will be touching you. A gentle shampoo with no sulfates and a light conditioner will do. Air Dry, heat from a blow dryer could destroy them.

How much do you need? Consult your artist on that. It is always a good thing to have them for a trial. Be sure to provide a picture of yourself prior to the trial so your artist can properly guide you. If you have never worn hair the trial is the best time to see how it goes. The investment will be worth it, you can use them for any event!

After your trial pin curls your hair and enclose it into a zip-loc for future use. Do not wash again, unless directed to. Put the hair away.

Do not wear them until the wedding, hot stuff! You are going to be amazing!

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Hair Extensions On my Wedding Day Yay or Nay?


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