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Managing a Time Line For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to wrangling everyone together on your wedding day there is no one way to do it. I have seen schedules go perfectly and slightly off. A schedule is helpful. Since other people can affect your day, asking everyone to come on time is simply not enough. You need to confirm the timelines the day before and the morning of. Consider a google calendar invite. Staying at the same location can be helpful. Make sure that you allow yourself adequate rest the day before. Plan to have your bridal party arrive even earlier than you might have imagined. During all the fun and festivities, time can fly! If you have a person in your bridal party that is increasingly particular have them go towards the end of the schedule to ensure they do not absorb the whole get-ready process and ensure the person that touch-ups will happen at the end.

If your bridal party is worried about their makeup lasting, hopefully, they booked us. We are known for our work staying on for 16 hours plus! Going first is a beautiful thing! If your mom or helper plans to help you get dressed. Go ahead and book them early too. This way they will be available when you need them. Hope this list of tips helps you to have an amazing, on-time wedding day, where everyone looks amazing! Need a wedding day schedule? We can help! Remember when booking, a great artist is all well and fine. The true bridal beauty artist should also know how to do it good and on a timeline. I am sure we can help you stay on track! Reach out to us and share your wedding details! We will do the rest.


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