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Creating a Sacred Beauty Makeup Space

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Creating a Sacred Beauty Space for your self is a true act of self love. Makeup application is a truly calming and intimate act. It helps to connect you to your true self. Reflection is important. Checking in with yourself is the key to looking and feeling great is always a good thing. A beauty alter of sacred space is an important part of your day to day life. No matter your space is big or small, setting up an area to create your look for the day or with is key. In this blog we will uncover some key ways to create a beautiful space for yourself! So you can feel great upon rising and when you need to look great! Here a a few ways to create your sacred beauty space in your home, so you can feel amazing. As soon as possible!

A large desk or shelf is where things can be easily accessible is important. If your work space is not looking as nice as you would like, add a silk table cloth to make it look more attractive. Brightening up your space is important. darker hues will keep the energy low. White may be risky. since your makeup tool may spoil the shade. Still, think out loud with bright colors.

Pinks, mauve, yellow, orange and green are great choices.

Place your beauty alter near a window. If you do not have a window, use a light up vanity. The lighting you use matters. You really want an adjustable lighting temperature. This way you can add light as needed. So you can see all important areas when applying your makeup. Speaking of makeup. Organize your space and make the products you use regularly at hand. This way when you are in a rush you do not have things in your way. Place makeup that is not used as often towards the back. Be systematic; powders, blush, shadows can all be together. Use this time to throw away any old products which may be contaminated with bacteria. Line your drawers with felt or a paper to protect makeup from causing a mess.

Add your favorite fragrances, fragrance is an important part of your beauty ritual. Lotions and potions are a great thing too. Seek out special bottles, jars and containers and use them to decorate your area. These containers are also important for storing brushes, tweezers, scissors and beauty needs. Use an incense or a great room fragrance to uplift your space. Keep head bands near by to hold stray hairs.

Any space you have left is great for small photos, jewelry boxes and trinkets that connect you back to who you truly are. Add a few crystal like rose quartz, amethyst, citrine and jade to add color and balance. Sage is pretty and effective if you choose. Use these tips to carve out your perfect beauty cave. Every girl needs one!

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