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The Powerful Effect of Makeup On Self Esteem : Exploring the Connection

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Women Wearing Great Makeup Feeling good Red Lips
Be Confident In Your Makeup

Makeup can have a powerful impact on your self-esteem! Let's explore the connection in detail. Firstly, makeup can enhance our physical appearance, making us feel more attractive. Makeup can be used to boost self-confidence. Adding a bit of lipstick can add pep to your step. Color is a surefire way to add a boost to your day. That small amount of positive energy you're feeling is not just a fluke! Research shows that makeup can help with confidence, big time! A study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found women who wore makeup felt more confident, competent, and attractive than those who didn't. Dopamine dressing (the art of wearing bright colors to boost your mood) clearly has a correlation to those good-feeling brain receptors.


Keeping your makeup products organized can give you a boost in productivity. Helping you to stay elevated. Applying makeup matters too! Your beauty routine helps you relax, calm your mind, and take time for yourself. Experts say the body releases dopamine, which helps us feel great all over. Doing your makeup on a daily basis gives you a chance to slow down and focus deeply on something. Your beauty ritual is excellent for your health and well-being throughout your entire body. So makeup boosts your self-esteem, morale, and positive mood all at once. Makeup is an incredible art form.


Makeup can be used to enhance one's own natural features. Small details like adding fullness to the lips, making the eyes look brighter, and adding glow to the skin with a great serum These are tried-and-true methods to bring attention to the best aspects of the face and to downplay others. Most women feel better about how they look over time, and this increase has been linked to makeup. It is not all about wearing all of your makeup in your makeup kit. This trend is not a personal favorite. Makeup is an enhancement tool.


Beyonce, with whom I had the pleasure of personal makeup shopping years ago, always used a red lipstick to boost her up. I adopted this. On rainy days, I like using bright red lipstick to make myself feel great. Cleopatra was known to use crushed beetles to create the perfect lipstick. The most refined makeup techniques were used by the royal Egyptian women during the Middle Kingdom (ca. 2030–1650 B.C.); it was a truly indulgent act. Everything was lavish. Sugaring to remove dead skin cells prior to applying moisture to the skin. Exfoliating to get the smoothest makeup application. Oils were crafted from gold. Calcite containers held precious ingredients. All on top of silk doilies and altars. Even back then, women created looks to make themselves look unique, regal, and rare. Even in death, makeup was used to give the look of life to those who had passed on in ancient times. Many graves have been found with makeup containers still inside them.


Makeup can add years to your life or take them away, at least temporarily.

Makeup can also be used to make you look younger. Highlight techniques can add brightening effects. Puffy eyes can be reduced with the right products. You can minimize dark circles. Add in a few brow hairs for sparse brows. Rebuild lashes with a quality serum to make brows look thicker. Fine lips can be lined. Freckles are a thing of the past. This can all make one feel like a million dollars! Makeup can be used to make you look more mature when you look a bit younger than your age. Eye liner can add an interesting edge, and a counter can shape a baby's face. This is a great tactic for young women who are new to the job market. Research shows that women who wear makeup have higher earnings and promotion potential. Skin discoloration and dark circles can make you look sickly.

If you have the time and energy, use these four products so you can tap into the power of makeup:

 Use a Pink blush: Studies have shown pink blush makes you look younger, happy, and awake. To the subconscious mind, you look aroused and peppy.

Eyeliner, Eye shadow, and Mascara: Use these products to make your eyes look awake and more attractive.

Contour: Symmetry is an important way to make the face look balanced, which sharpens your angles.

Lipstick: This product perhaps should have been the first. This tool increases the color and contrast of the mouth. A bold lip color is sure to make you look more attractive.

 The key to looking great is to find the right level of makeup intensity for your day-to-day life and work life. Looking playful or professional when necessary. Adding just the right amount of makeup at the right time takes practice. Makeup is an incredibly powerful tool that can have the perfect amount of impact on how you feel about yourself; this is truly the most important thing. How you feel about yourself is what truly matters. Have fun with your makeup look. It is all about enjoyment!



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