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Do This For Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

We have become the generation that glows. It takes everything to look radiant and healthy. We have come to realize that having flawless Met Gala Makeup is about way more than just slapping on a foundation. We want the look, and we drink the water (hopefully), but at times there is still a struggle to truly look amazing. Often times, by the time a bride gets to me, she has been really busy. There is not a lot of time to love the skin they are in. These brides will usually hope that things will go well without much of a plan. This is where I come in. The fairy glows, mother.

Pre-game is everything. If you feel like you can see the makeup that you are wearing, there are two main issues. Too heavy of a foundation or a lack of exfoliation 9 out of 10 times, you are seeing dead skin cells. The dead skin cells that could stop you from being great There is buttery-soft skin under there. We need to get to it. We must glow.

The real issue? Lack of proper exfoliation. Sadly, I would compare their skin to a canvas covered in pebbles. You simply cannot paint! Ok, the bride is not a canvas, but well, maybe she is. Trust me, It is not my technique. I’ve used the best skin care possible and the highest-quality foundation available. The foundation is HD-friendly and very lightweight, and the airbrush is amazing too. The skin has been primed with primer. The reality is that it’s not the foundation or the powder. In all actuality, it is the underlying texture of the skin that is causing the creases, flaking, and wrinkly look. A wedding day's glamour is a marathon, not a race.

Want to have flawless wedding day skin? Of course you do! The most flawless brides, in my experience, did the work. They made time to take care of their skin. Perfection comes from preparation. One single facial before your big day is really not a miracle cure.

not one facial a week before, from someone you just tried. That is actually a recipe for disaster. The answer is way more simple than that. The truth is that consistency is key.

My answer to this problem of cracked, dry skin is exfoliation. Regular and consistent exfoliation could be enough without it, as long as you are not overdoing it. After all, glowing should be effortless.

So throw the facial brush machines away! Unless you love yours and it works for you! You will destroy the acid mantle of your skin.

For someone with rosacea, sensitivities, or redness, harsh exfoliation brushes can be damaging. Machines without proper guidance can wear the skin down. We will keep seeing these brushes, though! Why? The sell. People buy them. Instead of using a harsh machine,

I would suggest using the right products for your skin type. Alpha-hydroxy acids work for some skin types; for others, acids are just too harsh.

AHA and BHA are both acids that can be used in skincare products. They both work to improve the appearance of skin by exfoliating it. However, they work in different ways. AHA works to break down the glue that holds dead skin cells together, while BHA goes deeper into the pores to remove dirt and oil. Both of these are wonderful chemical exfoliants that can work overtime to decrease the appearance of dull and dead skin cells.

Use a jade roller for penetration and massage your product into the skin.

Dead skin cells are blocking your glow! Other forms of exfoliation include mechanical exfoliation, where you could use a flannel or a scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Remember not to put too much pressure on yourself, and you can rest between treatments. 2-3 times a week. This is generally advised for normal skin types that can handle more abrasive methods. I personally love pumpkin enzymes and more gentle exfoliation for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin.

By implementing a schedule and self-care routine for your exfoliation, you will have an amazing glow for your wedding day, and your makeup will blend a whole lot better! Giving you the glow of a lifetime. What are you doing to ensure you glow?


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